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High resistance body Halyard locks improve flying sail use (Staysail/Gennaker) saving weight and reducing mast compression loads. This simple and efficient device makes the halyard locking/unlocking easy and safe. The Facnor lock tremendously eases the handling of flying forestays (2-to-1 no longer required). It can be fitted either inside or outside the mast.


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>> Halyard / Mast : 50% reduced load With the locking device, the halyard load is transferred to the lock, reducing nearly by half

this compression and allowing lighter mast.


>> Reduction of the boat heel/windage widely fitted on raceboats, the lock reduces the boat heel and windage, even in cruising.


 >> Reliable mechanisms 




 >> Luff constantly tight (constant tension) : wind pressure increases are not absorbed by the halyard elasticity.


Different possibilities of use :

- Gennaker or code zero

- Staysail fitted on textile forestay

- Staysail fitted on furler with flying wire forestay


>> Options : Fitted-in sensors : «upwards stop» and «locked»,

Various terminals available With toggle directly fitted-in (swivel)


It can be fixed onto one head attachment with an articulated device (toggle, latching, Unibal ball or others). The halyard can then run down inside or outside the mast

  • Fixed locking device and mobile pin 
  • Locking swivel with fixed pin / removable swivel 
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© Facnor


in this case, the external body of the lock is directly laminated (composite mast) or riveted/bolted onto the front head of the mast. The luff reaches an optimum length. The halyard runs down directly inside the mast.





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 internal halyard lock