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With its entry into experienced Wichard Group, Facnor now offers a new range of reliable and high performance electric motorized furling systems for sailing yacht 40' and above. With the EC and the EF+ furling systems handling the headsails from the cockpit becomes effortless. A great comfort in navigation, especially for larger boats.


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EC FEATURES (new product) :

Please see also the product sheet of the new EC

  • Waterproof motorization (compact dimensions for optimized volume)
  • Speed = 40 rpm** (EC39) & 55 rpm (EC47) at optimal torque ** Rotations per minute
  • Optimal torque (see below) > Option : Circuit Breaker*
  • Irreversible WITHOUT drive belt (bronze cogwheel, hardened stainless steel worm screw) 
  • Confortable in use, simple press button « in/out»
  • Quick furling in of the Genoa - 35 to 45 sec > No specific maintenance
  • Foredeck clear for anchor or sheet handlings > Easy motorization of LS/LX/RX manual systems
  • Possibility of turnbuckle adjustment thanks to telescopic section – Facnor exclusivity 
EF  FEATURES (for boats from 45 up to 55'):

  • Wired or radio remote control (see page 20)
  • Waterproof drive unit
  • No specific maintenance required
  • Optimized power (max 800W, speed 30t/min)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced noise level Fitted over the existing forestay without cutting
  • EF motorization kit for converting Facnor manual furling gears
  • (LS/LX200 to 330)
  • Available in 12 and 24V with inversing box (see details page 20)
  • International 3-year-warranty
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(EF : FOR BOATS FROM 29 up to 55')
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(wired or radio version)